"It was wonderful.  They chipped out the cracks and holes in the stucco siding.  Put in new lath and then re-stuccoed and it matches the old stucco extremely well.  After we get it painted I don't think we'll be able to see the difference.  They put tape and plastic everywhere and cleaned up the debris, even blew the dust off the sidewalk.  It cost a little more than they bid, but that's expected in doing repair on an old house.  You don't know how much needs to be removed until you start and see what's loose.  The extra cost was less than I guessed it would be, based on the time spent."       Dick H '18

     "I can't tell you how happy I am with the stucco work your team did!​  James, Bart, Chris, Robert and all the others that I can't remember their names.  They were so organized and each had a job to do.  They were very conscious of not making a mess and doing a great job.  Everything looks so great :).  James and Bart color matched my swatch in a matter of minutes.  Can't wait for the color to come in.  Even my dad was 'very impressed'.  Thank you for beating the timetable we were shooting for too.  You gave me some time to spruce up the landscaping before my visitors come.  Thank you again.  I knew I chose the right company. Awesome job. Wow."        GL '17

Stephen Donnelly Company, Inc.