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Small Smooth

Fine Sand 1.0


Heavy Dash


535 Sand Course


Versatex 0.5


Skip Trowel

Skip To:


*Textures shown are for general representation and should not be used for direct comparison.

Other textures are available.



There are infinite possibilities for the final texture. Different trowels and techniques produce different results. Shown are the most commonly used by our company.

As there are many different variations of the trowel finish, the final texture will be determined with the homeowner on the job site.

Weatherlastic Quarzputz

Most Dryvit products are applied with a trowel then floated for final finish. Dryvit also offers some unique sprayed on products. All Dryvit products can be ordered in virtually any color. Dryvit offers: textured acrylic finishes, elastomeric finishes, specialty finishes, air/water/vapor barriers, drainage accessories, adhesives, base coats, reinforcing meshes and dry bagged products. 

As the name suggest these textures are applied by skipping the trowel accross the wall. Different trowels and techniques produce different results.





The dash texture is obtained by throwing a stucco mixture onto the surface with a brush. It produces a coarse finish that can be modified with a trowel or float. Re-stucco most commonly uses dash finish.​​

Large Smooth


Tuscan Glaze

Weatherlastic Sandpebble Fine


531 Swirl Coarse

Pebble Dash

Perfect Swirl 2.0

A two-coat finish applied with a trowel. This finish can vary widely based on the size and style of inclusions and as well as the amount of skip in the second finish coat.


Master Wall finishes have one of the highest acrylic polymer contents in our industry. This translates to extra durability, lower life-cycle maintenance and a longer lasting finish. All Master Wall products are applied with a trowel then floated for final finish. Master Wall also offers color matching and produces: base coats, adhesives, meshes, insulation, air/water barriers, flashing and other weather-proofing components.

Trowel Finishes


English textures are applied with a trowel. Their look can vary based on thickness and size of each spot.

*When applied with trowel Versatex 0.5 may look different than this stock picture from Master Wall

The most common Parex textures are shown here with many more options and styles available call us today so we can help you find the texture suited to your needs. Parex also offers color matching and produces many of the water-proofing building materials necessary to complete your project.

*All finishes framed with green are premium finishes available at an additional cost.


Sto offers a full line of premium, high-performance coatings including primers, acrylic and elastomeric coatings that create dramatic visual appeal and help safeguard your building’s value. A complete color library and a variety of texture options give you a full array of design choices. From water barrier to finish STO also carries the other products needed to complete your job.

530 Swirl Fine

Sandpebble Fine

Medium Sand 1.5

Weatherlastic Smooth

Small Rough

Master Wall

With proper maintenance and upkeep stucco can outlast most other claddings. A variety of textures can be achieved with stucco depending on the size of aggregates used, the method of application and the final use of a trowel or float.



Stone Mist

Flattened Skip Trowel

Weathercoat Textured


Small Ripples

532 Multi-Texture





With this texture the finish coat is troweled on flat and then a float (sponge) is used to bring the sand to the surface. Generally used as a final coat only on foundations.

Weathercoat Smooth

Weatherlastic Adobe


Weatherlastic Sandpebble


533 Sand Smooth

Custom Brick

Knockdown Dash