Simply looking to put new life into your stucco ​home?

Re-stuccoing your home is a great cost-effective option

to make the exterior of your home look brand new.

Re-stucco gives you the option to renew the existing

finish of your home or create a​ ​new one.

Fixing that crack you’ve been staring at for

years? Our experts will determine and fix the

source of the issue and restore you’re wall to it’s

original glory. Whether you have a dash or

trowel texture, or a green or red wall we will

make​ any patch match as close as possible.

Interior plaster offers many advantages over drywall. Plaster allows you to create a wall with a look that cannot be achieved with drywall; a wall with texture and character. Plaster also has the advantage of being significantly more sound resistant, fire-resistant and durable than drywall. Whether your're looking for plaster repair, to add an accent wall, to create a relief or finish your whole house we will help you achieve you goals.

When you build an addition to your home you ​​want it

to compliment or match the wonderful home you

already have, with proper planning this can be

achieved. Let us help you finish your addition and keep

it properly protected from the elements.

Look through our galleries then call, e-mail or fax us with your project details to see how we can help you today.

We can create a custom address stone to add that

finishing detail you're looking for. Address stones are

available in a variety of styles. Finish your project with

a cement address stone that ​will last as long as your

new stucco ​system.

​Picture's use stucco base coat but may include a variety of finish coats, acrylic coatings and/or EIFS.

Some pictures taken prior to curing or painting to clarify patch area.



Master Wall



Address Stones




We install stucco trim using a variety of methods including building them out with solid stucco, molds and EIFS. EIFS is an Exterior Insulation and Finish System. What this means to you is that EIFS can provide unique and cost effective architectural features while increasing your homes protection from water intrusion. Many more options are available than shown here, give us a call and see what we can customize for you.


We work commercial jobs of all sizes from a small patch to multi-story new construction. The markets we currently serve include retail, institutional/industrial, governmental, commercial, historic, hotels, hospitals, schools, dealerships, hospitality and churches.

Most of our work involves EIFS, stucco, plaster, STO, Dryvit, Parex and Master Wall. We have also worked with a number of similar products and on occasion have worked with the manufacturer to find the perfect solution for a project.

While we focus on projects in the Twin Cities area, we have traveled to University of South Dakota Vermillion; Minot, ND; Green Bay, WI; Mason City, IA as well as other cities when our expertise has been needed.

Parex offers products with a variety of finish

options and a variety of elastomeric ratings. Parex acrylic textured finishes offer dirt pickup resistance and their elastomeric products help prevent visible cracks on your finish coat. Parex products can be color matched to meet your needs.

Dryvit offers a number of unique finishes colors

and features (dependent on the product)

including: dirt pickup resistance, mildew

resistance, increased crack-bridging ability, and

vapor permeability.


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Stucco Trim/EIFS

Sto Standard Finishes feature pure white marble aggregate, acrylic polymers, available in a variety of textures an extensive range of color options to enhance your design and harmonize with the surrounding environment.

Sto offers superior durability with industry leading resistance to cracking, peeling, blistering, checking, fading, dirt water mildew and algae, with some finishes that are cannot be achieved with traditional stucco.



New Construction

Master Wall finishes have one of the highest acrylic

polymer contents in our industry. This translates to

extra durability, lower life-cycle maintenance and a

longer lasting finish. Master Wall products offer dirt

pickup resistance and are available with: Quarts or

Marble Aggregate, Excel mildew booster, silicone water

protection coat, and extra elastomeric finishes.

Minneapolis Master Plasterer #M-0159

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry

St Paul Master Plasterer #9677

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We want to be the best!"

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A new home is a big investment protect it with a

properly installed stucco system and a finish that

compliments your other design elements.

We will work with you to create the perfect 

color, texture and design elements to finish

your project.